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Large Format

Adding to our services is a large format 12 colour printing machine, our clients can benefit from posters, rollups, A frames, window graphics, signage to name but a few...

Offering as many services as we can under one roof gives our clients the piece of mind that everything is consistent, the artwork and designs are all in one place, so the correct formats are always used. The same colours are always reproduced, ( the only thing that ever effects colour is the different media that the images are printed onto, for instance a bond paper absorbs more ink and makes the same colour appear darker than if a job is printed on a silk paper, which is not quite as white as a bond paper. ADP try to address this by adjusting colours to lways make them as close as we can get so everything is consistent.

Lamination is also available as an option, this protects images from getting scratched, especialy useful whne having rollup graphics. ADP always ask what and where the media is going then advise if lamination is needed.

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